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Thread: Linking to a file on a network machine

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    Linking to a file on a network machine
    Alright, so I've got a problem I don't know how to fix.

    Right now, I have all of my movies on my Windows machine in my room. I keep the folder they're in shared, so I can watch them on my Macbook Pro. Occasionally, I hook my Macbook Pro up to my TV for watching them.

    I also set up a small web server on the same machine to host a page that contains a list of all my movies, with links to their IMDB and Wikipedia articles. Now, I wanted to be able to actually link to the file on my PC, but I have no idea what the syntax for that to be.

    I've tried, but it ended up being loaded through the web browser (as if it were being downloaded from the net), instead of over the network (as if it would when I just go to the shared drive and open the file manually).

    So, is this even possible? Heck, I'd take just being able to open the folder that the file is in..

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    Hi Scootless

    Though I myself is not an expert at the concern area, I always take help from some professional service providers, currently I am taking the services from for my current project. "They are an assembled team of Tech Professional with Extensive Experience in taking down IT task or IT technical problems giving you the Shortest Turnaround Time possible."

    Hope it's helpful to you!


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