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Thread: iWeb and opening links in separate windows

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    Smile iWeb and opening links in separate windows
    Is there a way to create a link (to another site) on iWeb and have it open as a separate window, so visitors don't leave your site?

    I recently launched:

    The "merchandise" link goes to CafePress. I don't want to set up a slide show page on iWeb, as I would like visitors to purchase items via Cafepress, not through me.

    I have posted a link on CafePress back to my site. Is there a way to keep my site window open while visitors are on CafePress?

    Thanks all.

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    To open a link in a new window, your link code should look like this:

    <a href="" target="_blank">Link</a>
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    Unhappy Thanks but...
    Thanks for your quick reply, but something isn't working--perhaps because I know so VERY little about html code. (which is why I bought iWeb to begin with (!)

    When I added the code you referred to above, the link did not work and the code was visible on the site.

    Is there a Mac/ iWeb forum w/ html code tutorials?

    thanks again..


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    Question Open Link in New Window - still an issue?
    Hi Wordwench!

    If you open the Inspector in iWeb, and click the link icon (blue arrow thing), you will find the spot for choosing where the link will go. Near the bottom is a check box for "open in new window". Check the box.

    Good Luck... and check out for tutorials:

    Apple - iLife - Tutorials


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    Hi Sgt!
    I must have an older version of iWeb (06?) 'cause I do not have that option on my Inspector.

    When I update my website, at least once a month, I only work on one page (the "News" page). It's too much of a hassle with iWeb to update the entire site, so any new work goes on that one page. Once relaunched, I have to go behind the scenes and manually tweak html code (iWeb adds many things, glyphs, ???, and boo boos I have to clean up) I also add in code to open links in a new window.

    Thanks anyway for the advice

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