Hello, All,

I've just launched my new site using iWeb: but there are problems:


I have had multiple issues with browser compatibility. The big issue now, is fonts not loading as they should.

On page 2 ("Cartoons") there are two small blocks of text that are SUPPOSED to be in Arial- regular and bold. This is a common font, available on all computers. The bolded text is Arial, the rest is some sarif font I can't identify (looks a little like Times) Why only on that block of text? And how to I make the whole block Arial?
This looks screwy on all browsers, PC and Mac.

As an artist, everything on my site reflects my attention to detail, so it all has to work.

I have tried to re-save the page in iWeb. I tried to change the HTML code (and I know next to NOTHING about HTML). My ISP provider (not .mac) said its the iWeb coding. Apple phone support read to me from the iWeb "help" section (I could have done that!) then, told me to post my questions on a Mac forum, so here I am!

So, does anyone have any ideas?
Thanks, all.