Hi guys,

I use apple mail and Firefox. Recently I've been having probs with my email. My website got transfered to another server (same company, but I complained as the main server was having too much downtown). Anyway since then, my account has been offline when I try to use through mail - had to change some pop settings etc. When I try to log into the web interface it won't accept the password etc.

I've since tried it in Safari and IE - and it seems to work.

My email has been ****y for the past 4 weeks. What could be - should I just continue to use safari - what can I do about apple mail? Shall I switch to another app? I prefer to use a desktop app rather than webmail - as I have lots of attachements to handle which is easier in a desktop app.

If anyone could shed any light, I'd be grateful! I have no clue why this is happening and a shed load of undelivered/read mail!