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    Need some practice..
    I need to find out if im cut out for the web design business..

    So here is my proposal..

    If you are interested in a website, or have a business that you want to make known to people drop me a line here and I will get creative..

    I will need you to be as specific as possible..

    I will need:

    + Name for website and URL (for example "")
    + Description of what you want the website to do, eg. The aim.
    + Specific colours you want incorperated into the design.
    + Whether you want the use of specific web technologies (Flash, PHP, Databases <Go easy on the databases, ive only just started with them>, CSS) etc
    + Any images you want included in the website.
    + A list of 5 pages you want included; Home, Pictures, Contact, About are common choices.
    + Content for each page.

    Because I am a struggling webdesigner, quality is not guarenteed therefore the poject will be free of charge and you will be sent all files and relative media at the end of development.

    The site will be stored on my webserver for a limeted time, just so you are able to see what it looks like on the internet.

    If you are interested in using the site, I can recommend a good hosting company.

    This will have to work on a first come first serve basis, im not really expecting many people to reply, but I cant give all my free time away.

    If ive missed anything tell me on here.


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    Sounds like a good deal, good luck.

    You may also want to check out to do some work there. You can submit it and gain popularity from there.

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