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    Question Mac IE issues - please help
    I'm in the middle of putting together a website for the company I work and I'm having some problems with mac's seeing the site.

    Safari can see it without problem as can windows machines. IE on a mac just doesn't like it. Is there a quick solution for me?

    please check it out:


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    Very nice site. Personally, I don't really care for IE on anything. Way too much spy crap (doz only) has been made and abused for it.

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    The site is cool. Nice use of flash in the pics and video section. No idea on IE tough.

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    personally i wouldn't even worry about it. chances are, once you fix it for ie mac, it'll have problems on the other browsers. i've just learned to make sure it works for the majority - windows ie. (sadly enough.)

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    Mario, I wanted to ask you if you ever found the answer to your question, but I see you put a request on your front page for Mac users to either use Safari or Netscape. So, I'm guessing "no". I'm a little bummed, I was so hoping someone would offer a solution. I want everyone to see my page correctly, even the Mac IE users. Bummer.

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