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    Oct 17, 2006
    whats the mac world missing?
    iv been scratching my head recently thinking what is the mac world missing in the way of websites? i mean is there a myspace just for mac users? im trying to think of ideas but cant get any.

    any of you guys have any?

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    i know there are some out there but i have yet to find a decent site which catalogs software, free and paid.

    they all seem to be very messy and not well designed.

    a nice web2.0 version of them would be cool.

    i will have a think and post back.

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    Oct 17, 2006
    hmm thanks m8

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    I think pure-mac does a good job of listing software.

    Jobs hinted at some big updates coming to .Mac, maybe there will be some kind of community sites or programs involved. I hope so, as that's pretty much what I envisioned when I first heard of .Mac, only to be very disappointed.
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    A more advanced switchers guide. I've been contemplating doing one myself recently and hosting it for all to see!
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