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    Trade Links
    Hey guys iv just started a new mac freeware blog and am looking to trade some links to boost the traffic and the page rank.

    Im currently getting 150 visits a day and getting bigger ever day. the site has been active since mid may and is doing very well so far.

    I am looking for only mac software or mac directorys or anything related to mac or osx (not windows or any other random topics)

    if you are interested please post a reply with your link many thanks

    my link is as follows
    <a href="" title="Mac Freeware">Mac Freeware</a>

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    Sure... I run an App review site, a few times the hits as you, but I am alwasy happy to get more..
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    Once my blog about me trying to get my iMac is back up; I'll make you an affiliate.
    Brendan Welsh
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