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    Question business website recommendations
    We presently have a a webhost but it's been tooth and nail fighting with some of the functions since we're switching to mac.
    I've been thinking of switching to iWeb and a .mac account because I thought it would just be easier.
    I need a website that has checkout capabilities as well as allow for the purchase of downloadable products (e-Books, spreadsheets.)
    I'm not necessarily looking for the least expensive options; we're paying about $20/month now and was very happy with it...until we switched to mac. Functionality and professionalism are of utmost importance. Suggestions? Remember it needs to be bone-head friendly.

    TIA....this is a GREAT forum!

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    I'm struggling to see why you using Macs would be a problem for a webhost. Sounds like they're just being lazy.

    What you need is pretty basic - webspace, php and mysql would cover everything, I'd imagine. There's not a webhost on the planet that can't offer that.

    What exactly is it your hosts are having trouble doing?

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    Email---I can't get email through their server. I've had two mac guys look at it, troubleshoot, double check, triple check, etc... and no dice. I can get them mail through a third party mail service but entourage and the email program with the mac don't work. It says the server is rejecting the password. (BTW- I can get it just fine through Outlook on my pc.)
    The mac guy at the store said, "I think they're just being lazy at the host site." (Just like you said, LOL.)
    Well, phooey on them if that is the case!

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    .mac is definitely not the way to go, you are better finding a host which allows you do to do whatever you want.

    try looking for one that support cpanel which is one of the best control panels you can use on a server, i use it and my emails sync fine along with ftp, ssh access etc.

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