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BananaPancakes 05-27-2007 03:17 AM

Flash-based Websites & Flash Animations
Hey guys, I did a quick search and couldn't find it so decided to toss up a quick thread. I was just wondering what kind of program lets you create those Flash Animations/Websites that have been popping up for the past few years.

I've been working strictly with Notepad and standard HTML for web designing, and have been avoiding it, but I think it's about time I catch up with the times, since I have some free time now to learn it.

Thanks for you help!

Murlyn 05-27-2007 04:13 AM

Here is a good page for you :)

jonnyd 05-27-2007 07:35 AM

Er, Flash . . .

Careful though - Flash is good for catching the eye, but it has been horribly abused in the past.

Flash completely defeats the object of client side page rendering (ie HTML).
Too many designers got carried away and thought people would be prepared to sit and watch an irritating preloader (or sometimes several) slowly tick off the percentage loaded, in order to see their shiny artistic gadgetry.

Fat chance. There are a good number of web users now who will just leave as soon as they see Flash. If it doesn't load at the same speed as the rest of the page, you're losing trade.

BananaPancakes 05-27-2007 07:35 PM

Thanks for the link, Murlyn and thanks for the tip, jonnyd!

Yeah, I never liked flash site either, but seeing how it's becoming growingly more popular, I feel I should at least know some of the basics.

Thanks again =)

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