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Thread: website management and its software

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    website management and its software
    Hi there, i have a site i manage and maintain, it was originaly designed and put up by a pro company and they did a great job.

    they made it possible for me to update it with frontpage which was run on my pc.

    now i dont have a pc anymore (at home) and wish to see whta soft ware would be easy and good for me? to maintain/update etc the website from my mac.

    something quite easy to learn and forgiving (i hate that there is no "undo" button on macs)

    any advice guys? any good software with free testdrives i can try my hand at first before forking out 100's of$$$?



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    First of all: Command (Apple key) + Z will undo almost anything on a Mac.

    As for website packages: Rapidweaver is great for getting started with, but Dreamweaver is probably more on par with the type of site creation software you're used to and should be able to import your current site.

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