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Thread: hide html code on my website

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    Question hide html code on my website

    i have a website and when i browse to it,i can see all the source code. is there any way to hide this?


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    no, because this would be controlled through the browser. the browser needs to see the code to show it as you normally see it and so there is no control on the 'view page source' function.

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    There are some things you can do to obfuscate code a bit, but for the most part what tyros8000 said is correct. For your browser to display anything, it needs to download the code and render it for the user. You can remove a lot of white space, new lines, rename functions/variables/objects in javascript, link from files, etc which will help render the html less readable to humans.

    There are some programs that will do that for you, or you can do it by hand, but make sure you keep an original copy so that _you_ can understand what your pages are doing.

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    why do you want to block the code? it is unlikely it will be stolen or anything.

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    You can take code from anywhere.

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    There's really nothing in the code (unless you put it there as in meta tags or something) that's going to do anyone any good... I'm a little curious as to why as well? Although, check out's web page... one line of code for the home page... LOL

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    He probably wants to hide the code as it's a site dubiously designed to help people boost their google rankings by cross-linking anyone who submits their link.

    I would point out that google doesn't appreciate artificially boosting your search ranking and frequently blacklists such sites, so participate at your own risk.

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    You can use Ajax to load the code in drips and drabs. Then, the would-be code-stealer needs some nifty tools to see the code. I have them =)
    But uh... it's a b* to do so. You would need really important/wanted content for someone else to go through the trouble of intercepting the ajax http responses. Especially if it's cryptic.
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    You can use this, but if the persons not completely computer illiterate they could figure how to reverse it.

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