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Thread: Open Source Web Designs

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    Open Source Web Designs
    It looks like there are lots of people who are new to web site design, or want to give it a try for the first time, so I wanted to suggest a great site for people to find interesting designs:

    I'm a little surprised no one has mentioned it before (at least not that searching the site found), but it's a good place to get ideas if you want to try things yourself, or a way to find a nice template and learn how the designer did what they did. Because it's open source it's all free to just download and use.

    And I'm not affiliated with the site, I just like using it myself.

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    TemplateMonster is great as well, also Open Source.

    ( Open source does not = free. It means the source is not compiled and you're free to modify what you purchased. )
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    True. You need to look at what license the user may have selected for their template, but most simply let you use them however you like.

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