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    Server suggestions

    I am looking for help with server suggestions.

    I want a good fast server for my new page.

    I will be offering video / photo downloads.

    I basically have no idea which to choice or how to rate them against each other.

    Please let me know if you know a good one. Thanks, Andy..

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    I've had a very good experience with Dreamhost. They offer a discount to members of Mac Forums (code is MACFORUMS).

    I have three sites hosted with them.
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    Has anyone used 1&1? They seem to offer really good specs for very little.

    I hear their the biggest host on the planet as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyjamesnelson View Post
    Has anyone used 1&1? They seem to offer really good specs for very little.

    I hear their the biggest host on the planet as well?
    I host 5-10 web sites with 1and1 and they are great. Their support is really good also and prices are reasonable.

    Yes, they are one of the largest. 2-3 months ago they opened a new data center (55,000 sq ft with 40,000 servers) in Lenexa, Kansas. Most web sites got moved to the new located but some are still hosted in New York City.
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    I can host you very cheap, pm me

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    My friend uses BlueHost. Very reliable. Not too expensive either.
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