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    Im Stuck please help
    hi guys, im alittle new to the forums since i just got my macbook this week, i bought it to get away from windows and more importantly, to build my web site and such. i started one in dreamweaver on my pc and its way to basic. i am pretty good on building sites, the thing is i cant make up my mind on what i want for my own, sounds dumb i know. well, my question is if maybe a few of you guys who are web designers can lead me the way. i am not asking for directions on how to do it but basiclly on what to do. any help will be appriciated. i guess i could see it as you guys are my clients and yall tell me what yall want.. i would really appriciate some help or somewhere i can go to get help. i really love my mac so much. in on my balcony using it right now. my old gateway laptop would just die when i moved it. here is the link, thanks guys.

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    Are yo using CSS? If not you need to. The font is way too big IMO and fixing that and using CSS will help make the site more uniform across all the browsers! Just sayin'.

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    great you bring up a question i have. ive heard of css but i cant put my finger on what it is. where can i get some info on that. thanks for your input. what size font would you recommend

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    thanks will look into it. i really appriciate it. any more tips? as far as layout

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