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    I am looking for some people interested in helping me writing reviews about Macintosh Applications. All help would be appreciated. No age limit, and we have around 200 - 300 readers everyday. Post if you are interested.

    Link :

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    or.. you can write for

    Wow! Looks like we do about the same thing!
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    check out my blog at

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    I do that, as well for my site ( + ) I'd be happy to help ya out. the OS X archive was going to have something like this as well,, not to hijack the thread. But if anyone wants to help with that or exchange links let me know and I'll try to help out with your projects too.

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    I was actually thinking about writing a blog detailing my experiences as a first time Mac user after using windows for years and years. lol. I suppose everyone likes to blog now-a-days.

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