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Thread: Omnidrive, gives same benefits as .Mac except email

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    Omnidrive, gives same benefits as .Mac except email
    I just stumbled upon a service called Omnidrive which sounds a whole lot like Apple's .Mac services except it doesn't offer the email functionality.

    Five days ago they added plenty of new features and they now have a Mac client.

    The signing up is free (I imagine they are mimicking Apple's demo period of a 60-day free trial?).

    Pricing and storage sizes are listed in the Omnidrive FAQ. Looks very advantageous.

    My guess is Apple will have to either grow user storage space or greatly reduce the price... It will all depend in the end if Omnidrive services are rock solid and really secure.

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    Detective 'Head Case' I presume?

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    Well prices look pretty interesting. And if it weren't for loosing the email addie (I have been using it for years and Apple is fantastic in weeding out spam - I never get any), I might try it out and maybe sign up for the real thing afterwards if the trial was conclusive.

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    Great info MHC! I downloaded the Mac version and am playing around with it at the moment.

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    Let us know what you think about it, Pulse. I'm sure some members will be interested once they know what we are talking about. :girl:

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