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golfgirl 03-17-2007 09:22 AM

menu css problem with dreamweaver
hello! I am at the pathetic first attempt to make a web site and I got stuck at what has probably a very simple answer

I want the text in the page to have a different link colour than the text in the menu
I set the page properties
and I put class=menu in the code of what I want to be the menu, to follow menu properties that I have set

it doesn't work

what can I do?
((I am working with layers, not tables))
thank you for any suggestion

MacHeadCase 03-17-2007 10:06 AM

Welcome to Mac-Forums, golfgirl! Hope you stick around!

Maybe the info here could help, CSS trick: Same link text - different colours and Text Rollovers: What's Good and What is Just Plain Bad.

This is the grandaddy of all the useful CSS stuff, Cascading Style Sheets, level 1.

More yummy links would be:

css Zen GArden

CSS Tutorial (you can try out your code there)

Reference - Stylesheets Guide

joe.morgan 03-20-2007 08:23 PM

some useful links and info on css can be found here:

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