As part of my job (which includes print and web design, coding, photography, flash development, webmaster, and in office IT to name a few), I am also in charge of my companies mass emailings. Yeah, I hate spammers too, but they only send to people they know and have talked to in person.

Anyway, apparently some of the recepients are running lotus notes and can only see "text only" and never any HTML. Our current testing atmosphere does not allow us to see how our messages would look to them. I include a text-only section in the back of the email that usually works, but if it doesn't I have no way of telling when I see the tests through Entourage and OSX's mail (as it renders the html portion no matter what I set it to).

Does anybody know an email client that can feign being a stripped down Strong-Bad type email client that is also incapable of seeing HTML and will only show the text portion of the email? Is there a way to configure Thunderbird, OSX mail, or Entourage that way? I have a PC available, but if possible, I would like to avoid Microsoft like the plague.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong section btw, but I didn't know where else this would fit.