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    Dec 01, 2006
    on textedit
    Ive asked this before but I still havent managed to fix it xD
    So I have a Norweigan site, right? and I used textedit to write out my html, but everytime I write and , it comes up as a strange character.
    Now im using å instead of .. but its so much easier to just type out the letter..
    it must be some kind of setting on text edit.. anyone know how to fix it ?=]

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    You need to input those characters in your text using HTML, I would think.

    Les caractères spéciaux

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    Dec 01, 2006
    yeah thats what I am doing,
    but I dont get it, cause on my pc it works when I just type in the letters..

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    Make sure TextEdit saves as Plain Text.

    You might want to take a look at this Apple Knowledge Base Article, Mac OS X: How to Set Up TextEdit as an HTML or Plain Text Editor.

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    Here's another article that might give you clues in how to solve this, Edit your Homepages with TextEdit ( OS X ).

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