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    I have a website that I want to have a guestbook for, but I want to make it myself. I got the "guestbook-create.php" file to work, but I am having troubles with the "guestbook-sign.php" and "guestbook-view.php" files. I open the guestbook-sign file by typing in IP ADDRESS (replaced with the number that I got from the sharing preferences)/~username(replaced with my username)/guestbook-sign.php, but the text fields don't show up. How do I get those text fields to appear? I was considering putting the form in its own HTML file, but I do not know what the PHP code will look like, if I did it this way. If it helps, I am attaching the zip file containing all four scripts (the create guestbook script, the view guestbook script, the sign guestbook script, and the mysql_connect.php file (which another Mac forum recommended me to make)).
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