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    Interesting website for anyone into typography
    I came across this website quite some time ago and, while the author, Richard Rutter, says it's a work in progress, it hasn't been moving much lately. My only wish is that it keeps on going.

    This is for those of you who design websites so a specific type of typography: it has to do with CSS and stuff like that.

    The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web.

    It's a bit awkward to navigate so you have to move around using the Table of Contents and such...

    So I hope some of you find this useful! :girl:

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    interesting... great post

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    Glad you like it, mikey!

    It gives great pointers on mistakes to avoid, some rules on basic typography like spacing, size and stuff. I find it great.

    Like I said earlier, I just hope the author keeps it alive. It's great info I think.

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    This is a great find, MHC!
    Good advice for folks interested in getting into the field. Typography is often overlooked by those interested in or new to graphic design. It really is the basis for much of graphic design and needs to be understood in order for a design to be successful.
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    Oh absolutely! At school we are getting deeper and deeper into typography and you finally see there are so many ways in conveying your message. The typeface is the very basis of this. I really dig fonts.

    Thanks for the good words, DB. :girl:

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