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Thread: Email forwarding

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    Email forwarding
    I'm looking at setting up email forwarding so that I can pick up emails from two computers in different locations.

    Does email forwarding just direct mail or duplicate the email so that it goes to both accounts?

    ie. does email A sent to go to INSTEAD of email1 or does it go to BOTH emails addresses?

    Or does it just go to the email address which is checked first?

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    Found the answer by setting up Entourage with one account and Mail with the other.

    Turns out that it bypasses email 1 and sends straight to email 2.

    Is there no way of making an email duplicate itself and send to both accounts?

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    It is possible if you have an IMAP account. When you setup a new account there is an option to leave original mail on the server or something along this line.

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