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    Hi, I have a pretty general question. Next year I'm transferring to Northeastern to enroll into the compsci program. I was wondering if it is fine to continue using my macbook once I start classes, or whether it would be better to bring my dell inspiron instead. Programming starts off with java for the first year and then moves on to c++ etc. Would I face anything that would not be possible on osx and would require a windows os?

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    Java is platform independent and the theories you will learn in both languages are also platform independent. So basically your Mac will be fine for learning on.

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    I think for the most part you will be fine. As long as your courses don't require Windows programming languages then all should be good. Even if you are going to be learning Windows programming languages, you could always have BootCamp with Win XP and Visual Studio or something like that.

    At my university, we learn Java and C/C++ as well as unix and python. The profs use Macs so I'm pretty sure whatever we learnt can be done on a Mac just as well as a PC - only problem being that having a OS X or Unix is better than Windows because we had to use an emulation program and it doesn't always show the right results.

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    If you have the option, you might want to take both. I didn't really think about it when I left for school, but I took my PC anyway. I'm glad I did, because I had to use this crappy software for my Trig. class. All the homework and text and everything was included in the software.

    I think for programing it might be even more important to have an actual PC as compared to BootCamp or Paralells. You might never use it, but you might also be glad you brought it.
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