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    Best blogging solution?
    Hey everyone,

    I had been using blogger for a while. Now I think that maybe its time for a change. I was wondering what is the best blogging solution? I have heard alot of good things about wordpress, although I was wondering will there be much difficulty in getting it set-up on godaddy hosting?

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    I would suggest WordPress, it's the best that I know of out there. Im not real familiar with GoDaddy hosting except that when my clients are hosted with them they tend to switch to my hosting company since GoDaddy cripples a lot of stuff... so best bet is to test it and see.. or call their support and ask about it.

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    WordPress is god of blogging,i also like a boastMachine

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    I use Wordpress and Livejournal.

    Wordpress is by far the best supported solution out there, open-source and tons of community input. You could make it as simple as you'd like, or reskin it, heck, I've even seen flash blogs.

    I enjoy Livejournal because a lot of my friends blog on there, they have amazing communities and decent customization options.

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    I use wordpress and But i prefer the first one.

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    But after going through serious recommendations for blogging, I would say if one can host the blog it could be great because it would give the total control otherwise one should abide the rules and regulations of the free ones.

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    hosting your blog is the best way to have total controll over it But if your new to blogging open up a free account at wordpress or blogger and start off with a free one. If you are happy with what you are doing and dont get bord (alot of bloggers get board quickly) you havnt wasted any money!

    If you are seriouse about blogging get wordpress most good hosts will provide one click install of it. And do a google for wordpress themes pick the theme of your choice and your ready to go.

    p.s if you do get into it check out some of the plugins you can get for wordpress most important plugins have to be the seo ones ie google sitemap and tag creater.

    good luck

    ohh yea if you want an idea of what wordpress and a host can do check out my mac freeware website its not a standard blog but instead im using it as a cms (content managment system)

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    Wordpress is by far the best blogging solution out there in my opinion.

    You can get a free blog without using a host using
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