Hi, I am re-designing my website at the moment. It was previously all HTML so to edit it, upload new things etc. you would need some knowledge of HTML or how to use a program like dreamweaver.

I am leaving the country for quite a long time and I want to be able to give the website to a friend of mine who has no knowledge of HTML or anything so that he can upload new info/picture. I was looking at open source frameworks and tried to download 'dot net nuke' www.dotnetnuke.com but it wouldn't work on my mac.

Does anyone know of any free open source frameworks (like dotnetnuke) that will work with macs? Or if not is the any good image hosting sites/programs, like where you can just drop your images into a folder and they will appear on your site (but not tacky ones).

As you have probably guess I am not an expert in web design, so any help would be appreciated. thanks.