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    Post Please gimme advice
    Hello all
    I didnít know into which thread to post this message.
    If I posted in the wrong one please move it in the right thread.
    I am a dentistry student, and want to make a website on the teeth treatment problems and teeth implants.

    I wrote several articles for this theme, installed the wordpress engine, but I donít like what I see in the result.
    Could you recommend me a designer who could improve the look of my website and how much it would cost me.

    Here is an example of my website Dental Implant
    Thank you in advance. Here is the contact email

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    I can give you a quote for any web work. My website is and it includes examples of my work. If you're interested email me at tim AT texelate DOT co DOT uk and we can go over it in more detail.

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