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    shut off click hold menu
    Is there a way to shut the click and hold menu off on the mac browsers. The menu you get when you click and hold anywhere on the webpage.

    Thanks for the reply.

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    Not that I'm aware of, other than by not clicking and holding. Is there a particular reason you want to disable it?

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    Nope. That is just how the OS works, it can't be "turned off".
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    D3v1L80Y & cazabam

    Thanks fro the answers. I did get this answer from some one else on another forum. oncontextmenu="return false" What exactly does that do. Sorry new at the Mac javascript coding. It seems to disabpe the click and hold menu which helps but does not entirely solves the problem.

    Thanks again for the replys

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    I think I've just realised something; you are creating a web page, and you don't want the 'click and hold' menu to appear. It's not that you are a mac user who wants to turn it off, but a web author who doesn't want others to use it.

    Assuming I'm right, then the answer is much simpler. The 'click and hold' menu is exactly the same as the right click menu in Windows and Linux (and OS X if you have a 2 button mouse). It's proper name is the 'context menu', which is why returning false to context menu requests causes it to be disabled.

    There is no 'Mac Javascript', just Javascript - it's the same on all browsers and all platforms (with the notable exception of IE, although it's getting a little more standards compliant). Disabling the context menu on the mac will disable it for everyone else too.

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