Well its been awhile since i have written something thats constructive on this forum and i might as well begin with some good reviewing.

Media Temple for those who design or at-least the company brands themselves as the designers core hosting..

For a brief review please see my old review that i wrote a while back.

SS too GS the announcement:
For a while they have been waiting to go live with this and to the end user who hosts with (MT) you never got the concept of when the GS servers would be out and what benefits we would have as the main user. we had a slight indication to PHP4 & PHP5 switching option and was promised an updated MySQL.

But to disappointment on my half i found that the release date was never clear and with most my scripts not working due to old version of MySQL i was waiting for the launch.

SS too GS migration
When the time had come i couldn't wait any-longer to migrate and even though i hadnt been sent an email to say its been launched i found that the lack of information to this GS type was so poor it only displayed on the main package lookup as if i was going to buy a new package.

Although i did receive some money back as the package had dropped in price and im now in credit with them which is good to know.

You started by logging into the Control Panel which was nice once you found where you was going, from a drop-down menu you could see your domain that was the master domain. then in the migrate option you clicked migrate and it took around 12-hours to move all data over to the new GS servers and once this was done everything went smooth..

GS - What is it?
Well i wont bore you into the whole details as (MT)'s site has good enough documentation on all features it has.

So from an end user here are the features.
PHP4 & PHP5 Switching mode
Updated MySQL
Ruby on Rails

these are the main features which is has for a user. for the Techies the feature that is most important is the fact that your site now runs on multiplex servers which enables a dedicated uptime so if one server was to fail it would automatically be available. this feature can cost a fortune in other hosting companies.

Well with the new servers up and running i have noticed a few glitches which hasn't bothered me but i dont understand how they occurred.

First. about 7-days after i was on the new package i noticed that my site (master) was showing a permission server code and i wanted to sort this, i logged into the FTP and found that my root folders have been moved into another folder so i opened a ticket and they told me that i did it. i can sure you i hadnt moved anything. (this issue was resolved with me dragging it back to the right place and hasn't happened since)

Second. I had backups in a cron with there old SS servers and now they have taken this option off the GS so i can no longer backup remotely but now only to my machine in a compressed format. would be nice to have that back

Third. Since my account has been opened onto the GS my Urchin has never worked and showed 0 stats on everything, i am still waiting for this to be resolved after i opened a ticket only a few days ago

Fourth. which adding a new domain its unclear how this is done and when adding via new domain registering method it showed the old SS account on-top of the GS. this is only a bug and according to (MT) its only a glitch and the other SS account is still open but not usable until all users migrate over to the GS.

Overall i am happy with (MT) and wont be switching hosts, there are a few things they could improve on and i hope they do this soon. the GS is well with the money for new users and for users who are still on the SS i would recommend the switch.