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    fonts not displaying

    I am creating a website with a font that quite a few people don't have on their systems. Is there anyway to embedd it or call it from the server? Using HTML and CSS. I know flash can embedd but this doesn't help.

    Anyone got any suggestions?



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    The easiest way I know how to overcome that is to make the text an image. Granted, that can create problems with site size and load times, but it is a sure way to make sure that your font is displayed even if it isn't the best way.

    I would recommend staying with "web-safe" fonts for your main content and using your specialezed text as an image for areas you want to highlight.
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    i agree probably the easiest/quickest.

    you should look more into what you can style with css though

    e.g (the letter-spacing is a lovely wee tag)
    letter-spacing: -0.05em;

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