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    Can't access my site, please help!

    I bought a domain name from Go Daddy and used their free site hosting but there are problems using certain apps. (Joomla, SMF forum, etc.) because their advertisement injects code in the index pages. So, I bought hosting space from another company, cancelled Go Daddy's free hosting, changed the nameservers to my new host and uploaded my site via FTP.

    I was aware that there usually is a 48 hour propagation period and by last night, I could access my site both from my Mac and my girlfriend's Windows box without a problem (after cleaning my browser's cache and doing "sudo killall lookupd and then lookupd -flushcache".

    Today, I tried accessing my site and all I got was "address (or server) not found" page so I redid the lookupd routine but to no avail. I can access any other site and my email works great but I just can't get on to my site either from my Mac or the Windows PC.

    I got on a local chat room and got a couple of people who use the same ISP I do and they logged on successfully and to make sure, I called my ISP's tech support and they logged on also and told me that the problem was from my end.

    Right now, I'm exasperated and don't know what to do anymore, I tried everything I could think of, disconnecting the router and connecting the modem directly to my Mac, did the sudo and flushcahe, reset the router and modem, etc. but to no avail.

    Any ideas anyone? I just can't understand why it was working yesterday but not today. I'm thinking of maybe reformatting the Mac and reloading the OS.

    iMac 17, OS-X
    Linksys WRT54G router

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    Have you tried another web browser....

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    Open up your network utility (easiest way is to use finder) and see if you can ping it. If the network utility can ping it then the problem may be with your browser like Pulse said.

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    If other people can see it and you can surf to other web sites then the problem is in your browser. Reformatting will cure it, but that seems like awful powerful medicine! What browser are you using?

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