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    Hey everyone! Just came across this site, not sure if it's been posted before but here it is...

    However, I am using Adobe GoLive and have NO clue how to get these buttons to work! Can someone PLEASE help me out here?

    I beg you. All the files are included with the download, except I am a No0b at this stuff. PLEASE!!!


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    is it your site,it's really fantastic site.ok..i understood ur problem,
    we have three choices html,javascript and php.
    i explain in basic html
    <img src="button sourcepath" alt=""><a href="new.html"></a>
    pop-up menus created using css or javascript by using onmouseover event.

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    Read the open_me.html file that came with the download. It tells you what and where to copy-paste the code into your web page. You might need to switch to the edit screen in your page editor instead of the drag and drop screen.
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