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    Unhappy make web browsers other than Safari read SWF files
    I have a website, located at My coding is good enough to be able to have my website be viewed in any in any web browser but no web browser besides Safari will play my SWF files, which is bad news for my windows visitors. Is there something I can suggest my windows visitors to get to play the SWF videos or is there something I can add to my websites code to make those flash videos readable on any web browser (i do not want to use Javascript to do it, for the sake of my AOL visitors). The next part is that the embed code I used only works for SWF files, not flv files.

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    Never mind about the question, I figured out what I did wrong. For anyone having this same problem do not forget the [Click <a href="filename.swf">here</a> for movie] part of the HTML object code.

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