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    Newb .Mac Questions
    Ok, new to the site here and new to .Mac. Well, I'd had a .Mac account for a while (the free one) but never did anything with it until I got my new 20" iMac and wanted to start playing (again) with websites. I figured it might be easier with .Mac however...

    Anyway, here are my problems/questions:

    -publishing in .Mac seems to be one of the most UN Mac-like things I've ever seen. (My first Mac was a Mac Plus so I've been around) I can't seem to figure out how (exactly) to get things to do what I want them to do. I created a page with some pics. Easy enough. I want to create other pages, some with QT movies, some with pics, etc. How the heck to I do this? Seems like everytime I think I've figured it out, I publish a page and it's NOT even close to what I expected it to do?

    -Where the heck can I get info on how to use everything there? The help pages aren't terribly useful for anything except VERY basic things. Any good books out there or good websites?

    -Can you use Dreamweaver to publish pages or do you have to use their crappy templates? If so, how does one find out about this?

    -How can you publish pages you created somewhere else (see above question)? I've got a bunch of stuff from a site I used to have I want to put back up.

    -I'm still not totally clear on using vanity domain names. Can you or can't you? If so, how do you go about doing it? Not just what site to go to, rather, where do I find the server information you need to give whomever is hosting your domain name?

    I think that about covers it for now. Unfortunately, I don't know what I don't know yet so I can't even give more specific questions. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

    The Rickster

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    I can answer a few.

    Yes you can upload any website made with a program other then .mac, To do this goto and goto the HOMEPAGE tab afer you login. Then goto ADVANCED at the bottom left. You can then at that time search your computer and upload the page to your .mac site. Only thing is if you update your site via dreamweaver. You much re-upload all files back to the .mac site. I did this with mine, i would make one upload it, then if i changed it. deleted it off .mac and re-uploaded the new one. Nothing would really change, just an extra step.

    Hope that helps with the uploading part. PM me or email me if you need anything else.

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    Thanks. I'll be sure to PM you as soon as I have a few minutes to work on this again.

    I appreciate the offer of help!

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