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    Help with a Dreamweaver site
    Ok, I made a new FTP site in Dreamweaver that connects to my webspace. How do I make it so that whenever I save the HTML filel I'm working on, that it saves to the FTP, instead of on my hard drive?

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    Well it has to be on your hdd. After you Put Site then you can delete it from your hdd if you want. I mean a normal website usually does not take up a lot of space at all. And when you do Save To Remote Server, what do you get? Does it still force you to save file to your hdd?

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    Ok, I saved it on the HDD, now whenever I go to Save to Remote Server, I click on the FTP site I created, but the Save button is all greyed out and the only thing I can click is cancel.

    Ok, I got it, I didn't realize I had to click on the FTP icon. I even went to my website and it was updated. The only other question I have is that the file I created and uploaded (index.html) doesn't appear under the Files listing on the right hand side...any ideas? Do I have to refresh that?

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    Ok, nevermind again, I just refreshed it and it showed the file....I guess I'm posting a little early, haha.

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    Do you have files on the site now? Dang, I wish I had my FTP still and I could walk you through it. I am looking for a new host right now.

    Just saw your post...good deal.

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    I'm hosting through

    I also hear is a good deal also. So far I'm happy with GoDaddy because I haven't seem to run into to many terrible problems with them.

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    For index since it is on your site you can click on it and in the top toolbar on the editor there is up and down symbol (blue and green) for putting and getting files. Click Get file.

    I am sure you figured it out from what I read in your edited post.

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    also try this for a great server with loads of space and bandwidth
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    todd51, I've heard a lot of unpleasant feedbacks about GoDaddy. I don't know if they are true or not and I'd like to ask you how long are you with this host?

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