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Thread: Enabling PHP

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    Enabling PHP
    Im somewhat new to macs, i know some unix commands and such but for the most part i really need things spelled out...
    My question is how does someone go about enabling php on a local machine. all i want to do is write PHP scripts and run them from my computer. I guess something needs to be done with the apache config files but i dont know so any help would be appreciated.

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    Probably the best way for newbies is to go to and download and install the PHP module there. You will then be updated to the latest and greatest PHP version and it should automatically be started for you and on that page you'll see FAQ's and other installing troubleshooting techniques.


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    Once it's installed you have to turn on Personal Web Sharing in Sharing prefs, then put all your php scripts (and any other things you need) in Library > WebServer > Documents. Then your pages are accessible from: http://localhost/folder/filename.php
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    i would highly recommend for EASY installations of PHP MySQL on Mac

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