Hello everyone - I hope I don't anger anyone by posting here, but I am a PC user and a web developer. I am currently building a website for a Mac user, who has problems with the site when he views it in Explorer. It loads fine in Safari & Firefox for him, just not IE.

Now yes, I do know and said to him that the Explorer browser is about to be ancient history for the Mac users, but he would still like it if I can to get it running properly in case there are Mac users that use the explorer browser to view his new site.

The problematic page is located at this link.

A screen shot from his explorer browser on his Mac can be seen here.

There is a scrollable content script used in the page (I found on the dynamic drive website)...and I cannot tell if it is the problem or not. It loads just fine on my PC in IE, Navigator, Opera, & Firefox.

Can anyone help me out with this pleeeeease? I've been to the forums at dynamic drive for the script, but no one there seems to have a Mac in order to look at it!

I would greatly appreciate any help I could get!

Thanks so much,