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Thread: designing for safari problem

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    designing for safari problem
    Hi everyone,

    Just came across this board . And thankfully too !

    Hope some good person can give me a heads-up on a webpage, I've been working on.

    Specifically user-activated pop ups utilizing php and javascript
    It works on IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera - but I'll be darned if for some reason the picture in the pop up doesn't show in Safari. IE on Mac works fine.

    The page is on this testing domain

    Any and all suggestions very much welcome

    Thanks !

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    Well my advice is to use a different javascript for this.. it's pretty interesting code and Im not sure exactly why you are doing a browser check..

    I have a bit of code that will do a simple popup window plus a simple window resize. You'll need something like php to get the right image though..

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    Hi Murlyn,

    Doing a browser check is a normal part of doing websites for me. Unfortunately, we do not have Macs in the office, so it recently came to our attention that the pop up image doesn't show up.

    We really had to modify this Javascript code and incorporate php so that the client can upload his own images.

    Don't really want to use a different script.... worked too hard to get this one to work, with the mouseovers, etc.

    It's weird that the Javascript pop up works, but just the pic doesn't show up.

    Any ideas how I can tweak the code to make it work ?


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    My guess is that, you first call about:blank.. and I think from there safari doesnt allow you to do anything else. The problem with browser checks is that you're probably not using code that all browser can see If you write code that all browser can use then you don't have to worry about checking.. and I understand that you've probably done that and you are needing very specialized scripts, but that comment was more for anyone reading this thread

    Ok seriously what I would do is just use javascript to open up another window with a certain get variable and then use PHP to parse the $_GET variable and show what image you are wanting...

    And about the "worked too hard to get this one to work..".. well.. it doesnt.. It's hard for me to get certain clients to see that.. sometimes they go with a very bad design.. why? because it was so hard to put together.. when they could actually go with a much better design.. but they didn't put their blood sweat and tears into it.. so they dont.

    Anyways what I said with the PHP would be the easiest way of doing it. If it is someone else that does PHP you can just post here again and I can write a quick little script that will help you out


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    Hey Murlyn ,

    Thanks for your reply.

    You're killin' me with the idea of re-writing the script LOL

    When it was first completed, I had a hard time with Netscape, that's why the browser check. And then getting the hover and onclick to work ................ whew !

    The php code is pretty simple. variables are placed where the pictures are to go. It was done so the pics can be uploaded and placed without messing with the code on the page.

    So, you don't think that the code can be tweaked a bit for Safari?
    It just seems weird that everything else with the code works !! ..........except the pic doesn't show up :confused:

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    Yeah I agree, but if you look at the source code.. the javascript is most definitely not writing to the page. If you can use maybe a document.write or something like that.. it just might work.. or throw all that write stuff into a variable and then do a umm.. not opener.write, but.. hmm... child.write? or actually whatever you named that new window.. do a name.document.write.. I believe.. maybe that would work. At least it gives you a direction to go with your current code

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