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Thread: website won't publish on iWeb - .mac

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    website won't publish on iWeb - .mac
    i'm getting the error message
    "can't create file 'webpage.moc'. disc may be damaged, full, or you may not have sufficient priveledges."

    then it says
    "your startup disc is almost full. you need to make more space by deleting files in startup disc."

    i created a webpage with a movie on it in the form of a quicktime file. after i tried unsuccessfully to publish i went and erased a homepage that i won't need anymore. there is still a published homepage, basically a scrapbook.

    please help! i'm not technically savvy. please someone give me simple instructions on what to do!


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    Delete some of your stuff.. It seems like your HDD is full.
    You might perhaps lie all of your music on a dvd so that you have your music collection on that one.
    One way to save space, at least

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    Firstly you need to state your OS and which Mac you are using, before anyone can really advise you....

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