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    Lightbulb I want partners to work on a project! READ!
    Hey everyone,

    For those of you that dont know me, I am a 19year old Engineering student in Ireland and I am currently on a year out untill September 2007. I am working in an Internet/Gaming cafe for this time and I have alot of time at work in front of my iBook to do whatever I want.

    I just feel like perhaps it would be interesting and fun (not to mention sucessful) to get a group of people together online from different sides of the world to work on a project. I was thinking of perhaps a tech review Blog, an online portal, or some sort of website.

    You can read about what I know and what I dont know at:

    Im no genius, but I think that it would be fun to give something like this a go. :headphone

    If anyone is interested please post here.



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    good luck bro get into it!

    by the way why do you put pricing on your website?
    is it not hard to price when its a service..?

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    Well at the moment Im pretty much just looking for some work building up my portfolio. Trying to get as much as possible.


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