Since getting m brand new MacBook from Amazon a few days ago, I've been struggling with getting DW (7 and 8) to work with local folders.

After days of debugging this my image of the Mac jumping out of the box and doing something fun (a la the commercials) is but a distant memory.

After I Define Sites and enter the info for my local copies of the site's files, I connect to the server. The Remote view shows the files on the server, but when I switch back to the Local view, it says the folder where my files are, doesn't exist.

Sometimes when updating the Site it sometimes says "Can't create local folder" so Im guessing DW isn't able to hold onto the fact that the Local folder is there somehow.

I've repaired permissions, verified the disk, made sure the most recent patches are applied on DW (7.01 and 8.02), deleted the DW prefs for both versions.

I'm out of ideas. Help!