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Andy_M 08-15-2006 07:04 AM

(MT) Media Temple Reviewed
The Urge:
From many years of experience with bad hosts i have always wanted to try (MT) but at the time there prices was to high for very low package space and bandwidth. not to mention there payment methods was credit card only and at the time i didn't have a credit card.

Moving swiftly into the future i become a real nerd for PhotoShop and found that many sites to do with design was hosted with (MT), from the outset it appears that (MT) are indeed a designers core hosting, from there client list and the fact that there partnered with HP for there servers you can be assured that the service from them must be stable as sites for Photoshop tutorials seem to be thriving and never offline or slow and sluggish.

The Rumour:
Now many people claim that there offices indeed don't exist at this address

(mt) Media Temple, Inc
Corporate Headquarters
8520 National Blvd.
Building A
Culver City, CA 90232
It appears that this address is a postbox and nothing more and that (MT) work from there homes. However after receiving phone calls from (MT) that seem very professional i doubt this is the case.
..To be continued

Switching Reasons:
If you found that your current host always respond in a slow manner or that your hosting package has been down for maintenance at least twice a month then you may considering changing.. if your company site has downtime how can you rely on a hosting company that has downtime? if eBay went offline for one hour they would loose a mere $400 at least! or more.

Overview Stage 1:
As you encounter there web site you can feel a sense of designers core, i found the site very easy to navigate and prices can be a bit misleading but then they must have some marketing scheme right?!

After finding the package i wanted i then signed up with my own domain and within 1 hour received an email with my IP and details to connect until my domain progressed over too there nameservers.

Overview Stage 2:
Now since my domain is fully working and i now have several sites with them on one account i have found the main control panel so easy to use for setting up emails, viewing statistics, changing MySQL tables.

Its a first class control panel that has been skinned by (MT) and you will either love it or hate it.

Now moving onto another control panel lets talk about the billing control panel. when i first moved to (MT) they had a difference layout and then within my first week there it changed. wow what a great improvement that worked right away. the control panel is easy to use. you will understand how to submit a support ticket or change an MX record in no time as the control panel is laid out how it should be.

After switching to them i will not look back or at other hosting providers as the stability and reliability is there from the start. support is good and professional.

For a designer or small business i recommend (MT) hands down. it couldn't be easier to switch to them and you know that your in good hands if Diesel are hosted with them!

1. Up-time rock solid
2. Support 100% accurate
3. Ease of use control panels

Ive tried real hard to find a con and can only come up with this
1. Multiple sites conflict with emails for instance a will conflict with on that one hosting account. so if you got separate sites that require a single email you will find that anything starting the same support@ will be global for each email and you wouldn't need to setup another account for each multiple sites as you just change the trailing domain in your favorite email client.
It can be a pain when you require a separate paypal email lol, but its not a serious downer. if you upgrade to virtual packages you wouldn't have this problem at all. SS accounts only suffer with this.

Why not use this coupon too receive a 15% monthly.

Details how to use this can be found here

[Sorry if this review is sketchy. and i must state again that i recommend (MT) with flying colours. i have tried over 30 hosting companies and none please me like (MT)] Please leave reputation

If you sign up please use me as refer

design2 08-29-2006 05:52 AM

(mt) are the new black indeed.

Andy_M 11-03-2006 06:35 AM

I will be writing another review shortly based on there new GS packages and not there SS!

NanoBite 11-03-2006 06:49 AM


Originally Posted by BlooGrape (Post 272513)
I will be writing another review shortly based on there new GS packages and not there SS!

C'mon BlooGrape.....their is the possessive version, there relates to a place......y'know it!

design2 11-28-2006 08:56 AM

i do have to ask though...are you part of their marketing/sales team?

because they are such a reputable company already i do not think they need reviews like this to promote themselves.

Andy_M 08-22-2009 04:14 PM

Thought I would dig up a really really old post, I no longer have a package with (MT) as I have a dedicated server here in England.

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