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Thread: Photo gallery with iWeb 06

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    Question Photo gallery with iWeb 06
    Hey everyone.

    I recently just purchased a 20" Intel Dual Core iMAC for the main purpose of creating websites with iWeb 06.

    I currently have alot of pictures in iPhoto organized in folders with sub-albums to help organize everything.

    I am looking to have a photo page in iWeb organized the same as I have my iPhoto but I can only drag and drop albums and not folders from iPhoto.

    Is there a way to have multiple albums listed on an iWeb page and when you click on the album thumbnail, it take you to the main photo page for that particular album?

    Sorta like a gallery ( setup?

    Thank you.

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    Yeah, just drag individual images from each album to the main album-picking page and have them link to the individual album pages.
    Then on the album page, just drag the entire album over.

    The only way I could think of getting a whole folder (multiple albums) on one page is to select the folder in iPhoto, hit command+a to select all photos from the enclosed albums and then drag the whole lot into iWeb.

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    If you create a blank page and drag albums from iPhoto you can create an "index" page for your albums, and the first photo in your album will be the thumbnail for that album. However, clickin in those "thumbnails" will take you to the album page, it won't start the slideshow.
    It is also posible to copy the album itself (once it is created in iWeb) and paste it in a page with a different layout or function, like a blog. This will give your albums the same features the blogs have, chronological organization, sumaries, comments, and so, just be sure to paste it under your text and use the main text field to increase the size of the page as the album won't do this automatically.
    Finally, if you have too many albums it may slow down iWeb. You can export your photos from iPhoto to a smaller size (800x600) and then create the album in iWeb with those smaller photos. This trick helps me a lot to speed up iWeb, but i have an iBook with G4, i'm not sure how much that would affect the performance of a faster Mac.
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