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Thread: What's closest to FrontPage for the Mac?

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    Jan 14, 2006
    What's closest to FrontPage for the Mac?
    I have an Intel Based Mac, I got this year after being strictly PC/Windows guy for well over 20 years. I'm now using most the Mac, but I wanted to find out if there are any Web Design packages for the Mac that are comparable to FrontPage, or better, somewhat compatible. My host has FrontPage extensions that I occasionally take advantage of.

    Currently, I'm using FrontPage running XP on the Mac under Parallels WS, that actually works really well, so I don't have a major motivation to just drop frontpage and ramp up on something totally different, especially if it means being put in a position to completely revamp my website. I also use Active Server Pages, the editor would need to allow scripting.

    Any recommendations? While Free/Open Source/Shareware is good, Commercial Software recommendations would be good to. I want to consider all options.


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    Thankfully, there really isn't a counterpart for FrontPage on the Mac...hehe. (Personally I think FP is crap).
    A good alternative would be Dreamweaver.
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    If you're looking for a free alternative, try Nvu, which uses the firefox/mozilla rendering engine internally so you can get proper wysiwyg editing, source level or an in-between 'visible tags' mode.

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    I'm new to Macs as well and was looking for an HTML/PHP/Javascript editor. I use Dreamweaver for my Windows PC but since Adobe won't let me use my second license on a Mac (the two licenses need to be on the same operating system), I am going to wait until Dreamweaver/Studio 9 comes out.

    I have downloaded jEdit, nVu, and Smultron. jEdit has a little confusing interface (for me). nVu is the most like Dreamweaver. Smultron is my favorite though. It has a simple interface, uses valid markup and since I do most of my coding by hand anyway, it is has the most pleasant text editor.

    The new version of Dreamweaver (at least according to the hype) seems to really be leap forward, incorporating a lot of tools for active content (Ajax, PHP, jScript, etc). Frontpage, at least currently, leaves too much junk and MS-specific tags in the code. The times I used it, I basically had to open all the pages in a text editor and do a Find/Replace to remove all the MS-only tags. It's better for Macs that there is not a Mac version.

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    Yeah the more people that do not use FP is probably better Dreamweaver is nice and writes good code.

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    dreamweaver is good

    i have heard mixed reviews about freeway, i think it makes good pages but you cant edit code, and the code it does make is aweful
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    The worst is actually iWeb. It's convenient as an "iLife" app, but the code is just a mess. At least Microsoft tried with an editor.

    Ideally, I would (iWould?) love (iLove?) to see some sort of amped up iWeb for iWork that would work as a professional web editor and work with the built-in Apache server and PHP scripting engine. It would of course produce standards-compliant, tableless layouts with minimal distractions.

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    FrontPage is not all that bad when used well, its also a good app for entry use. A nice tool, I prefer a more complete package but its good for early stages of design.

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    Personally, I think the closest thing to Frontpage on the Mac would be Dreamweaver. I think both are pretty crappy, but Dreamweaver is definitely the less of two evils.
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