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    Talking What will be my design portfolio - and a few questions for you.
    I've created a small site for showing off some of my site design work on. It's hand-coded in XHTML and CSS - Check it out!


    The 'My Work' and 'What's Up' sections are not completed yet and so are not up. Sorry!

    I also had a question for you guys though - would you prefer it as it is, or if the top looked curved to the right in a scroll effect? like paper unwinding from a scroll.

    Also, would it be better for me to have my "What's up" page - which will be a news updates page of sorts as the frontpage of the site? I'm really not sure whether to or not.

    Looking forward to your replies!

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    Nice page!

    I like the top as it is... sometimes less is just more

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    Nice clean approach.

    Index page is a a bit heavy on the text. Maybe move some of it to sub pages. Also try to enhance or promote your site's navigation and make it stand out more from the other links.


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    Apr 26, 2005
    Thanks for the comments, I really appreciate feedback like this. :mac:

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