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    Unhappy iWeb and Apache server
    Big time newbie here, with probably a very basic question or two.

    I just did a website on iWeb, nothing big, a few pages. I saved it to a folder on my MB Pro, and then logged into the server that will host it.
    Problem #1, I had to copy each file to the server, one by one.....not sure why.
    Now, the server file manager for the website looks exactly like the folder on my MB Pro.....but nothing works....

    I realize this is vague, but is this normal when nnot publishing to a .mac account.

    BTW, the host is Hosting Matters. I am obviously very new to all this, so short of telling me I am an idiot, any help would be appreciated.


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    I got it.....seemed I had a few was with the server itself, and the other was with the FTp client.

    All is well.....I knew is shouldn't have been that hard.


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    what FTP client are you using?

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