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    Darwin Streaming Server
    Hi all,

    I don't know if this is the forum to put this in. Mod's if not, just move it.

    Anway, here's my problem. I have Darwin Streaming Server installed on a server and I want the streams to be listed in the shoutcast yellow pages. So I installed shoutcast and here is my intent:

    It is a live show that we broadcast to Darwin, which then relays it to shoutcast which is what people connect to. People need to be able to connect to port 8000 (because if they have book-marked links, i don't want to break them). The server is running Linux. Darwin also has some general playlists of static mp3's that it needs to be able to relay to shoutcast which people can then connect to (does shoutcast support "mount-points"?)

    What are the config files that I need to change, and what do I need to change them to?

    I know that darwins config file is /etc/streaming/streamingserver.xml and shoutcast's is /usr/local/shoutcast/sc_serv.conf, but I don't know what port settings need to be set to what in order to make this work. If anyone has any insight that would rock!


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    maybe this Darwin Server set up tutorial will be helpful.

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    I appreciate the quick response, and the link, but that's all stuff that I already know about... Thank you though. Any other suggestions?


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