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    MAMP: PHP can't catch HTTP variables
    right now i have a little projects using PHP and MySQL, using MAMP as a development framework on my iBook.
    it worked fine to test php scripts and manipulating MySQL databases. but, as the project went on, i found a small but very annoying glitch on my MAMP. whenever i tried to pass HTTP variables, whether using Get or Post methods, the PHP scripts could never catch them.

    at first i thought it's just an error on my scripts, but those same scripts works well when i tested them on my Windows machine (using AppServ), so I thought it must be a problem with some configurations, not with my scripts

    is there somehow any configurations needed on MAMP that cause my problem??

    thx upfront.

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    Are you using these variables?

    $_POST, $_GET, $_REQUEST, $_SERVER etc? Sometimes people use the old way of coding using register_globals turned on.. which is a no no

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    no, i used $<variable-name> e.g. $myvar
    do i really have to use those old ways?? i kinda hate it, not practical at all..

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    Yeah, Sounds like you don't have register globals turned on... You can turn it on in the php.ini file in the conf directory in MAMP. But like Murlyn said if you plan to put this on a live server it is a major security risk.

    If you are concerned about putting the $_POST in each line the best way to handle this is to assign all of your variables at the front of the script or even in a seperate include... e.g. $_POST['var1'] = $var1

    Just make sure you include them in the header of each function you write as the will not carry otherwise.
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    wow, thanks a lot, i never thought to put an "alias" for HTTP variables, but for now i think i'll stick with global variables. it's just for another school assignment
    thanks again...

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