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Thread: Viewing .htaccess files on the Mac?

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    Viewing .htaccess files on the Mac?
    Hi everyone,

    I am new to Mac's this year, and I do a lot of web design. I have yet to figure out how to make .htaccess files viewable under finder and in my FTP program "Transmit". I can create them, but then they vanish.

    Any suggestions?


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    they become hidden files as soon as you save them. you need to show hidden files in order to find them

    for information on how to show hidden files try one of the following or a quick search at the top:

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    Here is an easy way to view hidden files.

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    I don't like having my hidden files shown, due to the number of them actually in each directory So here is what I do for my web development stuff:

    In Transmit, make sure View > Show Invisible Files is turned on. On some servers this will not make a difference, but on most of them.. it will make a difference

    Now in my file system, I started making a symbolic link to my .htaccess file so that I can view what is in there and edit at will.. then I just open it up and copy the content in there when I upload everything to an external server.

    To make a symbolic link, you'll need to open up your Terminal program and make a link by doing this:

    ln -s sourcefile targetfile

    for example

    ln -s ~/Sites/ ~/Sites/

    So then I would just modify the files contents by editing the ~htaccess file that will show up in your directory structure

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    cat /path/to/.htaccess

    is how i would do it.

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