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    Question Creating a simple exit page?
    I'm working on a site on which they'd like a user to go to a "Thank you for visiting, you are now leaving our site" page when that user clicks on an external link. After seeing the page for a couple seconds, it would then forward them along to the external link's page they'd clicked on.

    I've researched this a bit and found a way to do it in ASP but I'm wondering if there's some way to code it in Javascript or plain HTML? (The site is very basic– plain .shtml with no bells and whistles, so the solution needs to be simple as well.) I've used redirect pages before but this is a bit trickier as I need one forwarding page for all the external links (about 50 total) so I'd rather not manually make 50 redirect pages... I've found a Javascript code to pop up a YES/NO window for leaving to an external link, but if we go that route I just need it to say "You're leaving blah blah," and then an "OK" button after which the user would go to the external page.

    I understand the stigma against these sort of things but unfortunately the client is insistant. In this particular case there's no survey or statistics attached– they just want to make sure people know they're going elsewhere (as if seeing a whole new page design wasn't enough...).


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    it most certainly possible with HTML but its going to be alot easier because as i understand its virtually impossible to pass data between pages without using some kind of form.
    if you can do it with php life all of a suden becomes that little bit easier.

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